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Damian Walshe-Howling

  • Messiah Short Teaser trailer
    Messiah Short Teaser trailer
  • Suspended
    Suspended Short Trailer
  • Our Watch Stereotypes
    Our Watch "Stereotypes"
  • Our Watch When I grow up
    Our Watch "When I grow up"
  • Fibralogy
    L’Oreal "Fibralogy"

With a highly successful Film & TV career spanning over 25 years, Damian’s extensive acting experience lends itself to a natural flare for directing honest, engaging performances.

Weaving powerful visual aesthetics with a deep passion for stories that celebrate the diversity of human experience, Damian’s work as a Director spans the breadth and depth of film making genres from Drama to Comedy to International Documentaries.

Damian’s slightly offbeat short films have enjoyed International Festival success, winning a number of awards and garnering worldwide sales, including MTV Europe. His last short SUSPENDED, which explores a world of frightening magical possibility through the eyes of a young boy, recently screened in the cinephiles section of CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.. or FESTIVAL DE CANNES if you are French.

In the past few months he’s directed successful advertising campaigns for the Federal Government Funded OUR WATCH campaign, and L’Oreal Fibralogy.

Damian is currently working on a number of exciting new FILM & TV projects. 

Damian Walshe-Howling

Damian Walshe-Howling