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Edwin McGill

  • Mccains hut2
    McCain Magnet Effect 'Hut'
  • MM copy
    M&M’s ‘Endless Queue’
  • Ford Ranger
  • writers fest2
    MWF 'Haunted House'
  • racv era
    RACV 'ERA'
  • Boat
    McCain Magnet Effect 'Boat'
  • Ford4
  • quick loans
    Quick Loans ‘Squirrel’
  • Astronaut2
    RACV 'Astronaut'
  • same
    Big M 'Same Same'
  • rr
    RAA 'Resort Relief'
  • car sales2
    Carsales 'We can’t all be great'
  • ford-plate-clearance
  • Black Swan
    Black Swan ‘Bring Out The Black Swan’
  • jelly
    Aeroplane Jelly
  • Iconic For The Man Within2
    Iconic 'For The Man Within'
  • Screen Shot 2016 02 16 at 12.55.43 pm
    Cancer Council 'It All Adds Up'
  • cancer-council-bike-book
    Cancer Council ‘It all Adds Up’
  • tennis
    Medibank 'Rod Laver'
  • tro
    Trojan 'Garage'
  • hulk
    RACV 'Hulk Hands'
  • ford
    Ford Ranger 'It's Your Call'
  • image 1
    Rain Dance Film Festival Trailer 'Lone Rider'
  • JackRuss
    Betstar 'Jack Russell'
  • Muttaburrasaurus
    Medibank 'Muttaburrasaurus'
  • Screen Shot 2014 12 12 at 11.17.16 am
    Medibank 'Private Rooms'
  • meu
    Museum Victoria ‘Look beyond the glass'
  • ford-run-out
  • adds2
    Ford 'It all ads up'
  • Escape
  • ford-plate-sale
    Ford 'Plate Sale'
  • ford-signs
  • ford-shop
    Ford ‘Shop’


Edwin McGill is an internationally-awarded film and commercial director.

Edwin started his directing career with his first acclaimed short film ‘Booth Story’, awarded the ‘Film of the Festival’ at Raindance, London (awarded by Judi Dench and Lou Reed) and Audience Favourite at Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Edwin is also an in-demand commercial director experienced in working with a variety of clients and campaigns. From major national and international brands to quirky arts festivals, Edwin’s commitment to strong narratives, surreal comedy, and high concept ideas means his direction always results in something special, unique, and attention-grabbing. Edwin is known for his lush visual signature, attention to detail, and unexpected approach to casting. 

Recently Edwin has completed a proof-of-concept feature film trailer titled “The god Protocol”


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Edwin McGill

Edwin McGill